Moroccan Leather handcrafting - Marrakech art

Moroccan craftsmanship reflects the various products handcrafted by talented artisans inspired by the traditional Moroccan heritage. In general, craftsmanship can be defined as handmade work giving out of industrial context.

Indeed, it reflects traditional Moroccan art which uses several raw materials such as wool, leather, wood,doum, clay, stone, marble, copper, iron, silver, gold etc.
Based on t hese varied materials, we can cite the different sectors of Moroccan craftsmanship, such as thefollowing:

-Leather sector:
Leather goods is one of the most important aspects of Moroccan crafts: handbags, babouches, poufs,suitcases, belts or clothes. Each city is specialized in a production and one finds in Fez and Marrakech quarters entirely occupied by tanneries.

Moroccan leather products are among the most dazzling and impressive on the African continent. The rhythmic variations of the patterns, the vibrations of the colors, the variety of the textures and the power
they release make them unique.

All these features make these products among the most requested in the Moroccan and international markets, thanks to its excellent quality and its reputation since ancient times.

Pottery is an art that goes back to prehistory and ancient times. It is the result of a careful work of the earth, shapes and colors as well as a mastery of techniques. The three-main pottery and ceramic production centers in Morocco are represented by Fez, Safi and Meknes.

The Moroccan handmade carpet is handcrafted from high quality colored yarns. The raw material of this carpet is wool. Indeed, it is a cultural and artistic wealth that reflects the diversity of Morocco's identity.

- Jewelry:
The artisans have produced treasures for all occasions for centuries. Refined earrings, solid silver tribal bracelet, wedding ornaments combining gold and precious stones such as emerald or ruby, these unique pieces are found in every corner of the kingdom, in the city as in the countryside.

Moroccan handmade jewelery is a reflection of the country itself: beautiful, original, unparalleled.

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