Moroccan Lamp
Moroccan Lamp

Moroccan Lamp

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Moroccan Lamp table, Moroccan lantern, Handmade Brass Lamp Style Moorish Modern lamp Vtg pendant Mood Light

This Moroccan lamp table style Moorish ceiling pendant light is delightful! The globe-shaped brass lantern is suitable for any room. The small round open bottom provides direct light while the small pin-hole openings cast a fantastic mood light.

This modern Moorish table lamp is also offered in custom sizes Balls Diametre:

- 13cm / 5.11"
- 17cm / 6.7"
- 20cm / 7.8"
- 25cm / 9.8"

N.B: For any specific personalized order please fell free to contact us .

Material: Brass.
Color : Brass
Finish: Matte, Antique